BJP Connect

BJP Connect

A single app for large group communication and work management.

A single app for large group communication and work management.


The Bharatiya Janata Party is the world's largest party in terms of primary membership. The 14th and current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is also a member of Bharatiya Janta Party. In 2015, Narendra Modi launched the Digital India Movement to make the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

 The aim of this project was to solve the problem of large group communication and work management for BJP members through an app.


Lead Product Designer
User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & testing

May - Sep 2017


User Research

A 5 day workshop was conducted with the BJP stakeholders, IT Officers and Ministers of State and Voting Booth operators. My research encompassed -

•  Understating the BJP hierarchy and its vastness
•  Roles and responsibilities of members at each level
•  Day to Day tasks that need to be accomplished
•  How is the success of the tasks measured

Fig: Pictures from the workshop conducted to understand the BJP hierarchy & card sorting exercise to come up with the app IA

Qualititative Interviews

User research was quintessential. The complex workflows of the multiple user types and their interactions with one another needed to be laid out in detail. In order to achieve that, I gathered as much as I could from the end users to understand the challenges they face and how they see the app making a difference in optimizing pain areas.


“With all of our communication over WhatsApp or Phone calls, its a tedious task as an Admin to manage 400 members when the maximum group capacity is 256. A single app to help to all of that is the dire need.”
- District President


“There are multiple tasks that I need to assign to my subordinates. With the absence of a one stop solution that gives me a status of tasks of all my team members, it becomes a herculean effort to curate data.”
- Booth Incharge


“I get multiple calls in a day to get work done. Sometimes from poeple who I have never met. I try to write them down on a paper but it’s difficult to keep a track of them.”
- Booth Worker


After conducting countless user interviews, contextual inquiry and analyzing the gathered data, I was able to categorize the insights into these 3 categories


User Profiles

The research made it evident how different users would use the app differently. To cater to this, I categorized them into user profiles based on their goals and tasks

The research made it evident how different users would use the app differently. To cater to this, I categorized them into user profiles based on their goals and tasks

1. Manager

State President    |   Speaks English, Hindi & Gujrati   |   Bachelor’s in Commerce & LLB
Uses Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Insta, Namo

Tasks performed:
•  Connect and coordinate work with the entire value chain
•  Assign tasks & tack its progress
•  Analyze results, share with superiors and take important decisions

2. Mediator

District Incharge    |   Speaks English, Hindi & Gujrati   |   Bachelor’s in Arts
Uses Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Gmail, Namo

Tasks performed:
•  Complete assigned tasks
•  Forward tasks to lower value chain (booth level) & tack results

3. Executor

Booth Worker    |   Speaks Hindi & Gujrati   |   High School
Uses Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Namo

Tasks performed:
•  Complete assigned tasks on time


I started creating the information architecture and low-fi concepts for primary use cases. After having a go-ahead from the Product Manager, developers, and Stakeholders on the mockups, we began to conduct usability tests with the low-fidelity mockups. Once we had confidence in the design, we began digitalizing designs.

The solution

BJP connect makes it easy to connect and coordinate with first line workers – wherever they are – using a simple-to-use chat interface.

Efficiently manage work or collect data from individuals or large groups. View built-in reports to get insights for faster decision making.


Verified secured on-boarding

Onboard members with a secure mobile verification to ensure all the data is protected and user privacy is maintained.

Communicate with your entire value chain

Based on your hierarchy, your workgroup is pre-created. Adding or removal of a member, change in designation, permissions for each user are automated based on the BJP organization data.

Efficient work management within the team

Coordinate tasks for common work scenarios with built-in Actions that make it easy for managers to schedule meetings, create polls, surveys, and track tasks, or improve efficiency with location awareness & live video features.

Coordinate tasks for common work scenarios with built-in Actions

Always be aware of the pending task without having to search for it in long chats. Users can find tasks and respond to them effortlessly.

Make Smarter Decisions

Gather rich insights from the data received from builtin analytics that help make informed decisions to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. 
Also, send polite reminders to those who were not able to finish tasks on time.

Web tool for Admins

Reporting Dashboards  provide an unparalleled view of enagegement & performance of memebers across all groups. It enables admins to get qualitative insights and make well informaed decisions.


Usability Testing

I tested the product at various stages of the project.

•  Lo-fi prototypes were tested with the stakeholders weekly to get feedback on the functionality, content, and interactivity of the product.

 •  Unmoderated User testing - A few dummy groups were created for BJP users to use the app. All participants were using the app to carry out hypothetical tasks.

 •  Beta Testing -  Before releasing the app, we tested it with BJP members of Banaskantha district, Gujarat. The app was used by them to coordinate work for Gandhi Jayanti event preparations.

Seeing Results

After the Beta testing, we combined the app (BJP Connect) with Namo (Prime Minister’s Office app) to increase user adoption. We released the app update in September and are excited to be pulling in data and using it to make more informed design decisions.


Project Learnings

1. Simplicity is strength
As a designer, we are often lured by attractive, trendy and out of the box designs.  But, We must always remember the ‘why’. The primary goal is to understand the user, their problems and then come up with a design that solves it.

2. Prioritize
Create a strategic plan to launch an MVP. This helps deal with out-of-scope requests that could potentially derail the project and helps deliver a quality product in time.

3. Seek out feedback early and continually.
The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. Keeping the stakeholders/users in loop and testing solutions in whatever form (paper, low-fi or hi-fi) as early as possible saves ample amount of time and re-work.

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